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Custom Center Caps LLC is a small company founded in 2003
for the purpose of offering high quality, specialized wheel
center caps for Corvette automobiles.

We are a Nevada corporation, with our offices and manufacturing
facilities located just Northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. Our facilities
include in house engineering & design, graphic arts & reproduction,
CNC machining, and robotic product assembly.

Our goals are to steadily add new and unique styles to our expanding
product line of wheel center caps, while addressing the needs of
Corvette clubs and organizations with our customizing services.


Having taken delivery of my 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette at the
NCM, I know the passion that is owning a Vette! I was lucky enough to
be one of the 25 winners of the NCM VIN Auction, and was able
to specify my own VIN number. For luck, I chose
27772. The Museum
presented me with a special plaque, and a birth certificate that
was signed by all of the assembly line workers who hand built
my car. It was certainly one of the proudest moments in my life.

Shortly thereafter, I formed Custom Center Caps with the hope of
sharing my passion, and my ideas with the other enthusiasts of the
Corvette community. I ask for your thoughts, ideas, and comments
concerning my venture, as it is through you that I will learn. Thank you.


Roger Phillips
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Custom Center Caps LLC



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