Custom Center Caps LLC

Installation Instructions for CCC Colorfill Vinyl Inlays

Read the instructions completely to be sure that you understand them fully before starting the installation.

Materials needed:

Vinyl Lettering supplied
Paint Remover optional
Q-tips optional
Isopropyl alcohol from drug store

Emblem Preparation: Before applying the lettering, make sure that the surface of the emblem is clean and free from dirt, grease or any kind of oils. It is a good idea to wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol, paying extra attention to the recessed area where the lettering will go.

You should also wash your hands to remove all body oil.

When we apply the lettering to new emblems at our factory, the first thing we do is to remove the red paint fill that GM puts in the emblem. The reason for this is that on many of the emblems, the red paint does not exactly line up with the recess in the emblem, and even with a perfectly installed set of lettering, some red may show in areas where the red is misaligned.

If you are installing the lettering on a set of emblems that have not been mounted yet, we recommend that you remove the red paint. It will result in a better-looking job.

To do this, start by masking off the backside of the emblem. Completely cover the back, so that no paint remover can get to the adhesive strip on the back. Use a strong (methylene chloride) paint remover, and apply it to the red paint with an artistís brush. After a few minutes, the paint will be soft. Use a Q-tip to wipe the paint off. Re-do if necessary. After the paint is all off, wash the surface clean with a Q-tip wet with water. Do this several times to be sure that all of the paint remover is gone. Remove any residue left with isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip.

We do not recommend the above procedure, if the emblem is already installed on a car, because, if any of the paint remover gets on the carís finish, it may damage the finish.

Applying the lettering: The graphic consists of three layers. The top layer is the Application Tape, which supports the graphic during installation. Next is the Vinyl Graphic itself, which has a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back, and finally the backing paper, which protects the adhesive until you apply the graphic.

If you are working with an unmounted emblem, it is a good idea to tape it to the table, so that it canít move around.

Do not remove the application tape from the lettering yet.

Remove the backing paper from the vinyl. Be sure not to let the sticky side of the vinyl touch anything, or itself. If you do, the vinyl will be unable to be used. Do not touch the backside of the lettering with your fingers. It will hurt the adhesion of the lettering.

Holding the lettering taut, but not stretched, by the ends of the application tape, put it in place where you want it to go, and get it aligned the way you want it. If you just touch the application tape to the surface of the emblem, it will stay in place so that you can look at it, but can easily be lifted off, in case repositioning is necessary. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, you can press the vinyl down into the recess of the emblem. Keep in mind that once you press it down, you will not be able to move or remove it without destroying it.

Press it down well, paying special attention to the edges. Remove the application tape by peeling it back at a severe angle (180 degrees is best). Press it down again after the tape has been removed.